Time – Life’s Only Entitlement


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There is only one entitlement we are given in life – time. We are all entitled to the same amount of time every day – 24 hours.

What separates those who achieve and succeed from those who struggle in life is how each group uses those 24 hours. Which group do you fall into?

“Yes” to the following questions means you’re on the path to success in life. “No’s” are the equivalent to a yield sign – they slow you down during your journey:

  • Are you reading to learn every day, 30 minutes or more?
  • Are you exercising 30 minutes or more every day?
  • Are you pursuing at least one big dream every day?
  • Are you pursuing goals every day?
  • Are you minimizing “Time Wasting Habits” to one hour or less every day? TV, Non-Dream-related Facebook, Twitter, Internet use = a Time Waster.
  • Are you getting at least 7 hours of sleep each day? Sleep deprivation impairs the brain, creativity and decision-making.
  • Do you get up early every day to pursue your dreams and goals? Make the first three hours of the day your Growth Time. That’s when you pursue your dreams, goals, reading, exercise, etc.
  • Are you building strong relationships with other success-minded people every day? One influencer can open up doors that are closed to everyone else. Devote time to building relationships with influencers. They are not only the fast track to success, they also make success possible.
  • Do you accomplish 70% or more of your to-dos every day?
  • Do you express gratitude every day? Gratitude is the gateway to a positive mental outlook. Most of the millionaires in my Rich Habits Study had a positive mental outlook. Positivity expands your ability to focus. It also increases creativity, enabling you to solve seemingly intractable problems.
  • Do you practice good etiquette every day? Poor etiquette can derail relationships with influencers. It can also become a stop sign to opportunities.
  • Do you seek feedback every day? Feedback is critical in learning what to do and what not to do. Those who consistently seek feedback are able to pivot, making success possible.

You’ve got 24 hours. How will you invest the next 24 hours? Are you processing success or failure into your life on a daily basis through your habits?

The greatest risk we all take is not how we invest our money. It’s how we invest our time. Make a habit of investing your time wisely.

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