Habits That Give You The Midas Touch


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“They’re just lucky. Everything they touch turns to gold.”

How many times have you heard someone say that?

Those who realize consistent success in life are perceived to be endowed by the gods with some magical power or some type of perpetual good luck. Everything they do just seems to work out in their favor all the time, over and over again.

But, when you peel the onion, as I have been doing since 2004, you begin to understand there is something much more fundamental at work – habits.

Habits are repetitive routines. Often repetitive daily routines.

When those habits are the right habits, meaning, habits that give you the Midas Touch, guess what? Those repetitive habits are going to produce repetitive success.

So, what type of habits give you the Midas Touch?

Calculated/Educated Risk Habits

  • Doing Your Homework – Studying everything about investments that require your time or money, before comitting to the investment, minimizes the risk of failure and increases your chances for success.
  • Seek Expert Feedback – Seeking feedback from experts helps open you eyes to pitfalls and opportunities.

Persuasion Habits

  • Enthusiastic Optimism – Optimism is is infectious. It acts like a magnet, attracting others to your cause or mission.
  • Speaking – Speaking engagements enable you to get out in front of many people at one time in order to get your message out.
  • Writing – Writing a blog or contributing to the media helps attract the “right” individuals to you.
  • Hello Calls – Making regular Hello Calls to people who matter is a very powerful way to build relationships with the right people.

Growth Habits

  • Read to Learn – Focused reading every day for 30 minutes or more on topics directly related to what you do for a living improves your knowledge-base, transforming you into a Virtuoso in your field. Virtuosos receive a premium for their service or products.
  • Practice – Deliberate and Analytical Practice of two or more hours every day perfects and improves your skills, transforming you into a Virtuoso in your field.

Charity/Networking Habits

  • Volunteering – Many community-based non-profits are run by influencers – successful people in the community. These influencers can put you in touch with other influencers: celebrities, CEOs, leaders in finance, politics, etc. These influencers can open doors with one email, one text, or one phone call, fast-tracking success. Volunteering for one of these local non-profits allows you to meet and forge relationships with the successful people running these organizations.
  • Networking- You can also find successful people on local, community-based business organizations. typically, the individuals who run these organizations are successful local business leaders. Joining one of these organizations puts you directly in touch with these successful people.

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