The Right Way to Set Goals


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There’s a right way and a wrong way to pursue goals.

The wrong way is to wing it by setting random goals for a year. This doesn’t work because these types or goals are actually wishes or things you would like to happen. They aren’t actually goals at all.

You see, goals are your construction crew for your dreams. So, the right way to set goals is to start by defining a dream you would like to realize. Once you have your dream defined, then you can build specific goals around that dream.

Think of a dream as a picture of something you desire. Maybe it’s an additional $2,000 in income a month. Now, take that dream and define what specific actions you would need to take in order to generate an additional $2,000 a month.

Do you have the knowledge and/or skills to take those actions? Do you have the right training, licenses, degree, etc.? If no, then you need to first develop the knowledge and/or skills necessary before you even attempt to pursue those goals.

Once you have the knowledge and/or skills, that it is time to mobilize your construction crew and engage in the daily activities that will allow you to achieve each goal.

Think of each goal as a rung on a ladder. As you achieve each goal, you climb your ladder. You realize each dream when you reach the top of the ladder.

Then you move on to the next dream and repeat this goal-setting process.

Dream by dream, you build the life of your dreams, using goals as your construction crew.

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  1. janie braxton says:

    Love this! Love this! Love This! You are giving “truth” about how to achieve one’s goal. How to really go about doing it!! It takes first having a goal/goals…then planning the steps…then taking action with the steps. So, so, simple…yet so, so, hard for many of us who have not thought in this mindset before. Thanking you profusely!1

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