When the Going Gets Tough, Your True Character Reveals Itself


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Values are the things that truly matter most to you. They are fundamental to who you are and what is most important to you.

Many people try to mask or hide their values when those values are inconsistent with the false image they present to others.

For example, if money is your #1 priority, you may not want others to know this. You may not want them to know that your true priority is making money, even at the expense of others. Instead, you may want them to perceive you as someone with more noble, socially conscious motives.

And that may work for a time.

But, you cannot turn your values on or off. They are not LEGOs – something that can be easily added or removed. Your true values will eventually reveal themselves through your actions, especially when you are under some type of duress or pressure from outside forces.

Individuals whose god is money, may realize their dream of becoming wealthy, but often their lives are shallow, hollow and insignificant due to their flawed values.

Conversely, there are individuals whose #1 priority is not built around money, but upon a value system focused on improving the lives of others.

And yes, they too may become rich. But their wealth is the byproduct of providing products and services that add value to the lives of others. They live lives of significance. They are revered by others. And their legacy lasts many generations.

Your true character is revealed by your values. Those values reveal themselves, not when times are easy, but when times are hard.

Your actions, especially under duress, pulls away the curtain to reveal your true values – the things that are most important to you.

What are your true values?

Are they what you profess them to be?

I don’t need any answers. All I need to do is watch what you do.

Under pressure, your actions always reveal your true values.

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  1. Thanks Tom. Good post
    The difference between reputation and character is another thing I think you have touched on. Reputation is what others think of you and character is what you really are. The closer these two measurements are the “richer” you will become.
    The current NBA fiasco is a good example of these measures being far apart

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