Successful People Find Someone to be Their Benchmark


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Successful individuals are copy cats.

They seek to mimic or model themselves after other successful people they admire. Typically, these are individuals within their same industry. Benchmarking forces you to work harder, improve your knowledge or skills and to constantly self-assess your progress.

It forces you set the bar higher, which necessitates that you grow and improve to meet that bar.

Not having someone to model yourself after can leave you drifting in the wind, like a leaf on a fall day.

If you want to increase your chances for success exponentially, find someone in your field who you admire and use them as your benchmark. This will allow you to grow into the person you need to be in order for success to visit you.

How do I know it works?

Since 2009, I have been on a journey to become the best self-improvement expert in the world. My journey started small – writing one book, Rich Habits.

JC was the main character in Rich Habits. He possesses amazing qualities and is wildly successful. He represents the ideal, future version of Tom Corley.

So, I modeled myself after JC. I did everything I thought JC would do. I made decisions I thought JC would make. I took risks I thought JC would take. And, most importantly, I never quit on my dreams because JC never quit on his dreams.

With JC as my benchmark, all of my books have become international bestsellers – I have people from every corner of the globe now reading my books.

I also have a big following on my blog/website and social media. And many of my media articles have gone viral. On one article I got as many as 11 million hits.

Like JC, I am frequently asked to speak at big events, some in very exotic places.

Everything JC would do, I am now doing. And, it works!

Find your benchmark – someone you can relate to and who can help push you to become the person you need to be in order for success to visit you.

The only regret will be that you didn’t do it sooner.

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  2. Love it! Didn’t realize JC was you. Great mental model

  3. What does JC stand for?

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