Your Habits Paint a Picture For All The World To See


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“I no longer listen to what people say, I just watch what they do. Behavior never lies.” – Unknown.

Some Poor Habits can be masked but eventually they reveal themselves to those around you.

LeBron James was unmasked recently after China became angered by a tweet from an NBA owner supporting the freedom-fighters in Hong Kong. This “social justice warrior” dropped any pretense that he cared more about social justice than making money. His greed habit was revealed for the whole world to see.

Bill Cosby, a famous comedian-actor, was also recently unmasked. He dropped his wholesome image mask when his sexual predator habits finally caught up with him.

Beloved Penn State coach, Joe Paterno, saw his mask fly off when it was discovered he knew about his assistant coach’s sexual abuse habits. His winning-is-everything habit caught up with him, eventually.

How about Lance Armstrong? He won seven consecutive Tour de France cycling events after battling back from testicular cancer. His hero mask also came flying off after his blood-doping habit was revealed to the world.

Other Poor Habits can’t be concealed by a mask, such as poor eating habits and lack of exercise (obesity and poor health), poor work ethic (frequent unemployment and money problems), infidelity (divorce), uncontrolled emotions (frequent relationships/work problems), smoking (lung cancer/heart disease), etc.

My point in all this is that your habits are who you are. And, they paint a picture for all the world to see.

That is why it is so important to forge good habits – good habits also paint a picture for all the world to see – a magnificent, splendid one.

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  1. Josefa Varani says:

    Dear Mr Corley,

    I am really inspired by all the habits of rich and poor people. It’s really helpful for myself to identify some bad habits that I have accepted Over the years.

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