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You can never truly know your limitations, until you test them.

Individuals who succeed in life, in particular Dreamer-Entrepreneurs, know their limitations because they pursue dreams and goals that test their limitations.

Dreams force you to create goals. Goals are the construction crew for each one of your dreams.

Failed goals are a neon sign informing you that you just encountered a personal limitation.

Failing at achieving a goal is a good thing – it exposes a limitation that you didn’t know you had. Once you become aware of any limitations you might have, you can eliminate it, which is precisely what successful people do.

How do successful people get rid of their limitations?

They do one of two things:

  1. They gain knowledge or skills that enable them to grow, thereby erasing a limitation or
  2. They hire someone with the knowledge or skills they lack.

When it comes to limitations, those who fail do so for a number of reasons:

  1. They are unaware of their limitations
  2. They are aware of their limitations but ignore them
  3. They fail to gain knowledge or develop skills to help them remove a limitation or
  4. They fail to secure the assistance of experts who possess the knowledge or skills they lack.

Knowing your limitations is a Rich Habit.

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  1. Love your articles, Tom. Ever since June of this year, I have been reading, listing to audio books and watching informative information that has help me grow as a man (and as a human being). Reason being is because I confronted many of my limitations (financially, health, relationships, etc).

    I am glad I have found your work six month later. It has reassure me that I have made the right decision and I have fallen in love with daily learning and taking action.

    Much love from Miami!

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