Power Relationships Are the Currency of the Wealthy


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The rich do not build relationships with just anybody. They focus like a laser on building something called Power Relationships.

Power Relationships are individuals who are:

  • Centers of Influence
  • Decision-Makers
  • Upbeat, Optimistic, Positive
  • Wealthy
  • Successful
  • Success-Minded
  • Obsessed With Self-Improvement

Here’s some of my research from my Rich Habits Study, related to Power Relationships:

  • 88% of the wealthy believed building Power Relationships was a key factor in their wealth. Only 17% of the poor made any effort to build Power Relationships.
  • 67% of the rich believed promoting themselves to those who matter, other Power Relationships, was important to building their brand, which lead to success. Only 24% of the poor agree.
  • 75% of the rich send thank you cards or notes or email their Power Relationships regularly. Only 13% of the poor have this Rich Habit.
  • 72% of the wealthy volunteer five hours or more each month compared to only 12% for the poor. Many of the board members of non-profits happen to be Centers of Influence, decision-makers and successful or success-minded individuals – Power Relationships.

Building Power Relationships is fundamental to success and wealth creation. But building these relationships requires that you follow a process.

So how do you go about finding and building Power Relationships?

  1. Become a Speaker – Speaking engagements are probably the most efficient and effective way to build Power Relationships. One speaking engagement can introduce you to numerous Power Relationships at one time. Since most individuals fear public speaking, overcoming that fear sets you apart from the masses. You’ll be viewed as an expert in the eyes of any Power Relationships listening to your talk.
  2. Join a Non-Profit Group Board or Committee – You will find many Power Relationships sitting on the boards of local, community-based non-profit groups. Very often, Board members are successful, wealthy individuals who have very strong, powerful relationships. By becoming a member of a non-profit, you gain special access to these Power Relationships. You also are able to showcase your knowledge and skill. Referrals will eventually manifest themselves as your relationships grow stronger. When you join a non-profit, in time you will gain access to the Rolodex of the Power Relationships who reside on the board.
  3. Write – Writing sets you apart from your competition. As you develop your content, your content will eventually reach the eyeballs of Power Relationships, because Power Relationships are voracious readers. Your content, if it is good, will create immediate gravitas with these Power Relationships. Writing forces you to really understand the topic you are writing about. As a result, it hones your technical knowledge and helps transform you into a Virtuoso in your field. Also, as a sidebar, every time you write about a subject, you increase your knowledge in that subject and this helps open your eyes to invisible opportunities that were there all along. Writing creates a type of good luck known as Opportunity Luck.
  4. Hello Call – Make a habit of calling at least one Power Relationship every day for no other reason other then to say hello. This helps build the relationship and opens the door for opportunities.
  5. Happy Birthday Call – Call your Power Relationships on their birthdays. Birthdays are very important to each one of us; second only to our names in terms of importance. When you take time out of your day to make a Happy Birthday Call it says to that person, “you are important to me.” Power Relationships remember those who call them on their birthday. They don’t remember those who wish them a happy birthday on social media sites – that’s just noise to them – you are just one of many and get lost in the crowd. When you make a Happy Birthday Call, you may be the only person who actually does so that day, which sets you apart from everyone else. Birthdays are happy, emotional events. Emotions create the strongest memories. So, when you make a Happy Birthday Call, that creates a strong, powerful favorable memory.
  6. Life Event Call – Like Happy Birthday calls, Life Event Calls stir strong emotions for the recipient of that call. So, call your Power Relationships when something important or special happens to them or one of their family members. This could be a birth, death, newspaper mention, award, health issue, etc.
  7. Breakfast/Lunch/Dinners/Bars – Periodically reach out to your Power Relationships and ask them to breakfast, lunch, dinner or buy them a few drinks at a bar. This casual get together is the perfect setting to casually grow these relationships in a relaxed environment.

No one succeeds on their own. Success does not happen in a vacuum. The most successful people in the world are part of an expansive and strong network or team of other successful people. Successful people have a large herd of Power Relationships.

Power Relationships don’t simply manifest themselves out of thin air. They are the byproduct of investing time and energy in growing and nurturing them. So, you have to process building these relationships on a daily basis. In other words, you need to make building Power Relationships a Rich Habit.

Not everyone you meet is worthy of your investment. You need to be selective. The wealthiest invest in upbeat, optimistic, enthusiastic individuals who are on or pursuing a path towards success.

Avoid toxic, negative people. If they are part of your inner circle, Power Relationships will pull away from you because Power Relationships avoid negative, toxic people as if they were a plague.

To the wealthy, Power Relationships are like gold. They are the currency of the wealthy.


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