Which Path to Wealth is Right for Your Personality?


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As I’ve mentioned often, the self-made millionaires in my Rich Habits Study pursued wealth differently:

  1. Saver/Investor Path – Save and prudently invest 20% or more of your income.
  2. Big Company Climber Path – Climb the ladder to senior executive in a large, profitable company.
  3. Virtuoso Path – Become either a Knowledge-Based or Skill-Based expert in your field.
  4. Dreamer/Entrepreneur Path – Pursue a dream that can be monetized.

So, which path is the right path for you?

Saver-Investor Path – Wealth Profile

  • Conservative/Passive – Individuals who are typically risk averse or fear taking risk
  • Introverted or Not Outgoing by Nature
  • Disciplined With Money – Have the discipline to control spending, consistently save 20% or more of their income and who take Educated Risk (do their homework before investing)
  • Frugal – Do their homework when it comes to spending their money. When they do spend, they buy high-quality products or services
  • Analytical – Willing to do their homework before spending money or investing
  • Detail-Oriented –  Like to understand the details before spending or investing
  • Even-Tempered – Individuals who are in control of their emotions. As a result, they don’t fall victim to Want Spending, Emotional Spending, Lifestyle Creep or Decision-Fatigue Spending
  • Control-Oriented – Seek to control how their money is spent or invested
  • Unwilling to Sacrifice Time – Individuals who place a high premium on non-work time and are unwilling to sacrifice family/friend time

Big Company Climber Path – Wealth Profile

  • Outgoing and Gregarious
  • Aggressive – Individuals who do not allow fear to control their decision-making
  • Strong Work Ethic – Willing to work long hours in order to succeed within their company
  • Willing to Sacrifice Time – Willing to sacrifice family/friend time in order to climb the company ladder
  • Focused on Building Power Relationships – Devote significant time in maintaining and building relationships with decision-makers/Virtuosos within their company
  • Personality to Tolerate Big-Company Politics – Individuals who tolerate or even enjoy the jostling for power that takes place within big companies
  • Relentlessly Persistent – Individuals who are willing to do whatever it takes in order to climb the ladder of their organization. They will even move their family to another country if it will help them in their career at their company
  • Goal-Driven – Individuals who set and pursue goals in order to climb the company ladder
  • Industry Virtuosos – Individuals who are experts regarding the industry they work in
  • Intra-Company Virtuosos – Individuals who are internal experts regarding everything about the company the work for
  • Even-Tempered – Individuals who have total control over their emotions. They don’t let company politics trigger them emotionally
  • Street Smart – Individuals who possess common sense. Their intuition is fine-tuned and they rely on it in their decision-making
  • Good at Delegating – Happy to delegate important tasks to others
  • Good Mentors/Teachers – Willing to invest the time and energy in mentoring others

Virtuoso Path – Wealth Profile

  • Strong Work Ethic – Individuals who seek to become the best at what they do and willing to devote significant hours.
  • Willing to Sacrifice Time – Willing to sacrifice family/friend time in order to become Virtuosos
  • Thirst for Knowledge – Individuals who devote 30 minutes or more every day in growing their knowledge-base
  • Intensely Curious – Individuals who love to ask questions and seek feedback from others
  • Goal-Driven – Set and pursue goals that will help them grow into Virtuosos
  • Diligent in Perfecting Their Skills – Individuals who possess some unique skill and devote three hours a day to perfecting or improving their skills
  • Disciplined – Individuals who have the ability to focus to learn for many hours at a time
  • Detail-Oriented – Individuals who like to understand the details of anything they engage in

Dreamer-Entrepreneur Path – Wealth Profile

  • Aggressive – Willing to take significant risks in the pursuit of their dream
  • Outgoing and Gregarious
  • Relationship-Focused – Experts at building strong relationships with people they need to help them realize their dream
  • Unique Ability to Focus – Individuals who are able to focus on one task for many hours, days, weeks, months or years
  • Relentlessly Persistent – Individuals who are unwilling to quit on their dream. They will sacrifice their marriage, social relationships and health, before they sacrifice their dream. They will do whatever it takes to succeed. They will invest their life savings and go into debt in order to keep their dream alive
  • Unbridled Optimists – Unwaveringly optimistic, which allows them to pursue multiple goals over many years
  • Strongly Passionate – Individuals who love what they are doing and this passion for what they do keeps them going in the face of adversity
  • Goal-Driven – Individuals who live and breath goals which help them realize their dreams

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