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Aah, the life of the entrepreneur. Thanks to my Rich Habits Study, I have become somewhat of an expert on what it takes to become a successful entrepreneur.

But, I’m not only a student.

After learning from my research that most self-made millionaires had multiple streams of income, I decided to make some dramatic changes to my life by increasing my revenue streams. Back in 2008/2009, I had one stream of income – my CPA salary. Today, I have four revenue streams: My CPA salary, my financial planning revenue, my book royalties and my speaker fees. Obviously my income is significantly higher now, but the thing that I like second most is that I am no longer dependent on one source of income.

But adding just one revenue stream does require an enormous investment in not only time but oftentimes money. And each revenue stream brings with it a trainload of adversity in the form of obstacles, mistakes, failed initiatives, elusive goals, constant “no’s”, unreturned phone calls, ignored emails, what to do’s and what not to do’s.

Knowing what I know now about being an entrepreneur, I honestly would not wish it upon my worst enemy.

One of the self-made millionaire-Dreamers in my Rich Habits Study described her journey in just five words:  “Invest, Invest, Invest, Invest …. Jackpot”.

What she meant was that it took many years of nonstop investing in her dream before it paid off. The most stressful part of the entrepreneur journey is the uncertainty that it will ever pay off.

But when it does pay off, it typically pays off big. And the beautiful thing about finally turning the corner is that the payoff continues for many years down the road. This continuous large stream of income is the reason why the Dreamer-Entrepreneurs in my Study had accumulated the most wealth of all of the different millionaire-groups that were in my Study – $7.4 million. And that’s an average. There were some entrepreneurs who had accumulated over $20 million in wealth.

For those entrepreneurs out there who are struggling, stay focused. Keep investing. Never quit on your dream. When it does hit, you’ll be grateful you stuck it out.

The persistent eventually get lucky.

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