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There are two schools of thought that people fall into. Each school of thought was programmed into you by your parents, teachers, mentors or your environment. One school of thought leads to poverty and the other to wealth:

  1. Poverty School of Thought: I Am Not Responsible for My Life Circumstances – AKA Victim Mindset
  2. Wealth School of Thought: I Am Responsible for My Life Circumstances – AKA Self-Reliant Mindset

Those who were raised with the Victim Mindset believe that everything that happens to them in life is caused by other people, the economy, the wealthy, the government, Wall Street, Republicans, Democrats, employers etc. They see anyone who is successful in life as lucky, evil, exploitative, born into the right family, manipulative, etc.

They do not accept the fact that their circumstances in life can be changed. They were born poor and they believe they will stay poor, held back by forces outside their control. They hold on to this negative programming for dear life and attack, belittle or ridicule anyone, like myself, who dares to suggest they, as adults, are the cause of their life circumstances.

Those who were programmed with the Self-Reliant Mindset believe they are the cause of their adult life circumstances. They have been raised to believe they can change their circumstances and become whatever it is they desire, so long as they work hard, forge good habits, improve every day, and make sound decisions.

For those who embrace this school of thought, it is irrelevant what type of family they were born into, the nature of the economy, what government or politicians do and what others try to do to them.  If they were born poor they believe they can, nonetheless, become rich. The self-reliant believe they are the masters of their life and can change the circumstances of their life for the better/. And because they believe this, they seek to improve by gaining knowledge, perfecting their skills, pursuing goals/dreams and surrounding themselves with other self-reliant individuals.

If you find yourself in the first school of thought, you have been programmed to fail. You need to change your negative programming. You need to shift from negative thinking to positive thinking.

Start by giving thanks every day for what you do have – this is the Gratitude Rich Habit. Gratitude stops the Poor Habit of envy in its tracks. Envy is a very bad, negative emotion that will keep you poor.

Every day express gratitude for three things that went right in your life yesterday. Eventually, gratitude will become a habit and envy will lose its power over you.

Next, you need to begin a process of self-improvement that includes self-help reading, self-education, daily practice, building Gold-Plated, Rich Relationships and habit change.

Reading –  Read to learn 20-30 minutes a day: biographies of successful people, self-help books, career-related material, industry-related material.

Practice – Engage in two – three hours of daily practice to perfect any skills that you use to earn a living. This will eventually transform you into a Virtuoso in what you do. People and companies will pay you a premium for your Virtuoso skills.

Gold-Plated Relationships – Join a local, community-based non-profit. Most of these non-profits are run by the most successful people in your community. These individuals will help open doors for you and, once you gain their trust, will do business with you.

Habit Change – Forge Rich Habits that will replace your Poor Habits. You begin this process by identifying each habit that is holding you back in life. Make a list of time-wasting habits, poor health habits, negative emotional habits and poor money habits.

Once you have identified your Poor Habits, you can then replace them with their opposite – Rich Habits.

You can only change a habit if you are aware it exists, so awareness is the key changing your habits. Seek to change one habit every six months. Each time you forge a Rich Habit, the contradictory Poor Habit will automatically die on the vine. Additionally, each new Rich Habit you adopt, will give birth to Complementary Rich Habits. Complimentary Rich Habits sprout automatically, once a Rich Habit is forged. These Complementary Rich Habits will weaken and then eliminate Contradictory Poor Habits, without much effort or willpower on your part.

You have the power to reprogram you mind. And when you reprogram your mind from a Victim Mindset to a Self-Reliant Mindset, everything bad about your life will begin to disappear.

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