The Ideologies of Those Who Will Never Succeed


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Ideology is subconscious programming, forged primarily in the fires of childhood.

We typically pick up our ideologies from our parents. But we can also forge ideologies during our lives through the influence of other respected family members, friends, peers, teachers, the neighborhood in which we live, books, media, etc.

When you are anchored in ideology, that can be a good thing or a bad thing.

Success ideologies are those which are anchored in love, optimism, open-mindedness, respect for others opinions, a desire to grow, improve, achieve, good health habits and which stimulate you to forge relationships with other individuals who share likeminded ideologies.

Failure ideologies are those which anchor you in anger, hate, negativity, pessimism, hopelessness, dependency, blame, inaction and poor health habits. The unsuccessful forge relationships and have a habit of surrounding themselves with others who share likeminded ideologies.

Examples of Failure Ideologies

  • Socialism/Communism/Collectivism
  • Big Government/Statism
  • Crony Capitalism
  • Racism
  • Political Correctness/Group Think
  • Discrimination
  • Identity Politics
  • Consumerism/Materialism
  • Lawlessness

Examples of Good Ideologies

  • Unfettered Capitalism
  • Limited Government
  • Individualism
  • Classical Liberalism
  • Freedom of Speech
  • Most Religions
  • Equality in Opportunity
  • Protestant Work Ethic
  • Frugality
  • Self-Improvement
  • American Dream/Pursuit of Wealth/Success
  • Lawfulness

With respect to success, any ideology which encourages freedom of thought, speech or action is generally a good ideology because success depends on freedom.

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  1. Unfettered Capitalism lead to the gutting of middle class blue collar workers via Free Trade (so called) entire industries simply abandoned the country leaving destruction in their wake. I lost probably the best job I ever had working in IT at a firm, because one company and one man’s greed (Elliot Mgmt/Paul Singer) forced the company into liquidation because he wasn’t getting enough return on the company stock. In more enlightened time men like Paul Singer were arrested thrown in jail and their assets seized

    • Also lifted 500 million people out of poverty in China and transformed America, in less than 150 years, into the world’s #1 Economic Power. You should have worked for a better company like Virgin, Microsoft, Apple, etc. Their employees prospered thanks to capitalism. Don’t blame the bad owner of a bad company just because you made a bad career move.

      • Wow. I read the blogs because some are good, but I do see where you are often a know it all jerk. I had considered writing a comment about unfettered capitalism but since you know all you would not consider an alternative viewpoint. As my wealth has increased I’ve gained more understanding of the sleazy underbelly of all the options, but unfortunately I see others that don’t. By the way, some employees of Microsoft and Apple have prospered, but both companies also send lots of work offshore(Apple uses Chinese slave labor). So I guess they are to blame because the didn’t have the exact correct job at these wonderful companies.

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