You Can’t Fake Confidence – 7 Powerful Confidence Boosters


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You can’t self-talk your way to greater confidence.

Confidence is earned. It is forged in the white-hot fires of action.

The path to success is riddled with many pitfalls, setbacks, obstacles, mistakes and problems. Like a roller coaster, your confidence drops with every setback and rises with every accomplishment. One of the rewards for those who are able to ride this roller coaster to success, is sky-high confidence, gained only through taking action in overcoming obstacles/mistakes.

Every time you overcome adversity, you learn what works and what doesn’t work. This causes your confidence to grow.

For those pursuing success, understand that your confidence will be tested along the journey. You must get comfortable with this ebb and flow in confidence. There will be days when your confidence is high and there will be days when it is low.

Those who persevere and never quit, eventually figure out what to do and what not to do and are beneficiaries of certain factors which boost confidence.

Confidence Boosters – In Order of Impact

  1. Victory Log – Success is the #1 booster of self-confidence. Every time you succeed at something, your confidence grows. Even small victories, boost confidence. Maintaining a Victory Log, and reviewing it during your confidence low points, is helpful in restoring your confidence levels.
  2. Daily Practice – Deliberate and Analytical Practice, if done daily, will boost your confidence in your skills.
  3. Daily Study – The more you know about what you do to make a living, the more confident you become in what you do.
  4. Goals Accomplished Log – Every goal is like a mini-success event. Like success, every time you achieve a goal, your confidence grows. Maintaining a Goals Accomplished Log, has the same confidence-boosting effects of a Victory Log.
  5. Overcoming Obstacles – Obstacles stand in the way of you and success. But obstacles are important because they teach you what works and what doesn’t work. Once you figure out what works, you can cookie cut the learning into a failure-proof process, which boosts your confidence. So, every obstacle you overcome, boosts your confidence.
  6. Solving Problems – Much like obstacles, problems stand in the way of you and success. Finding solutions to problems helps you gain knowledge and this boosts your confidence.
  7. Realizing a Dream – Every dream requires the achievement of multiple goals, overcoming obstacles, and solving problems. Each dream you realize, you can point to. This gives you confidence that you can realize your dreams. The more dreams you realize, the more powerful your confidence becomes.

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