Why Do You Want to be Rich?


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I became an entrepreneur so that I could become a multi-millionaire.

But why did I want to become a multi-millionaire? It took some time and much soul-searching. But eventually I realized there were five driving forces behind my desire to become wealthy:

  1. Freedom – When you are truly wealthy, you don’t have to work. You choose to work because you want to work or like to work.
  2. Family – When you are rich, you can send your kids to college, without saddling them with debt. When you are rich, you can help your children pay for their weddings. When you are rich, you can help your children with a down payment on their first home. When you are rich you can become a safety net for your children if something catostrophic happens to them.
  3. Charity – I am President of the Ashley Lauren Foundation, an organization that help families struggling with Pediatric Cancer. As a multi-millionaire, I would be able to give my organization more money so we could keep more families in their homes and financially worry-free, allowing them to focus on one thing – keeping their child alive.
  4. Friends – When you are rich, you can help friends who are going through difficult times.
  5. Position of Power Decisions – When you are wealthy, you make decisions from a position of power and not weakness. Position of Power Decisions are ones that help you thrive. Position of Weakness Decisions are ones that help you survive.

So, I had five Why’s that drove me to become a wealthy entrepreneur.

Why do you want to become rich?

What will wealth help you to do that you are currently unable to do?

Your answers are your WHY.

Your WHY puts all of your dreams and goals within reach. Your WHY must have powerful emotions behind it: happiness for you or your family, to get healthy, to leave your mark on life (legacy), to help improves the lives of the poor, children, battered women, the addicted, the homeless, society, to teach something profound, etc.

If your WHY does not get you emotional, then you will eventually stop pursuing your dreams and goals.

Willpower alone will only get you so far.

Passion fuels achievement. And the right WHY unleashes your passion.

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