If You Grew Up Poor Can You Still Become Rich?


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The short, obvious answer is yes. So many poor people have become rich, it could fill a ten volume encyclopedia set.

In fact, 41% of the self-made millionaires in my Rich Habits Study came from poverty.

So how’d they do it? What changes did they have to make to their lives which enabled them to climb out of poverty? And what can the average poor person do to break free from poverty?

Change Your Wealth Ideology

When you’re poor, your ideology about wealth is all screwed up. Most poor people are raised to hate or despise the rich. They see the rich as exploitative, greedy, selfish, evil-doers. And, unfortunately, the public school system does little to change that school of thought in their students. In fact, the public school system is engineered to foster mediocrity by focusing most of its resources in teaching students to be good employees and not good entrepreneurs.

The ideology of the rich can be summed up in one word – Positivity.

Those who become wealthy are rich in optimism. They have an upbeat, enthusiastic, can-do mindset. They are filled with hope for a better future. They see themselves as the masters of their own fate. Self-determination empowers them to alter the circumstances of their lives.

Change Your Habits

When you’re raised in poverty you are exposed to bad habits, or Poor Habits. Poor Habits are destructive habits which drag you down. They drag you down financially, emotionally and physically, via poor health. It’s not happenstance that America’s poor are the demographic with the greatest levels of obesity and poor health – bad health habits are to blame.

Change Your Inner Circle

When you’re poor, most everyone you know is poor. Your inner circle is made up of mostly poor people. Since poor people can’t help you to become rich, you need to change who you associate with. But how do you find rich people who can help pull you out of poverty?

Find prominent local, community-based non-profits and start to volunteer. Most of the people who run the boards of those non-profits are the most successful and wealthiest individuals in the community. it may take a few years to build relationships with these wealthy board members but once you gain their trust, they will open up their Rolodex to you. With one phone call they can get you or a family member a job or a better, higher-paying job.

Tools to help you build relationships with rich people –   https://richhabits.net/power-relationships-are-the-currency-of-the-wealthy/

Change Yourself

Self-improvement must become a daily habit. You must become more knowledgeable and/or more skilled. Devote one hour a day to self-improvement. If you don’t hate what you do for a living, then focus on becoming better at what you do for a living. If you hate your job, then experiment with different activities that could be monetized. When you find one you like, then on the side, during your off time, grow your knowledge and/or skill sets with respect to that activity. Eventually you’ll become proficient and can begin working in that industry.

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