The Devil Made Me Do It!


An area of the brain called the Nucleus Accumbens, part of the ancient, old brain Limbic System, is responsible for most of your problems in life.

This part of the brain is why you have habits, why you cheat on your spouse or significant other, why you gamble and why you spend money during those late-night Home Shopping Network broadcasts. It’s basically the Devil that lives inside your brain, responsible for all of your bad habits and the stupid, spontaneous impulses that get you in trouble.

The good news is that while all of us have this Devil living inside our brains, we also have a very powerful Angel, ready, willing and able to crush that Devil to smithereens.

This Angel goes by the name Dorsa Lateral Pre-Frontal Cortex, part of the newest, most evolved part of the brain, known as the Cerebral Cortex.

The Dorsa Lateral Pre-Frontal Cortex is literally our Angel, Guardian and Savior.

The Dorsa Lateral derives its great powers from a unique breed of billions of brain cells called Inhibatory Neurons. These Inhibatory Neurons function as the braking system of the brain; capable of immediately shutting down any and all impulses bursting forth from the Nucleus Accumbens.

The Dorsa Lateral gives you the power to:

  • Eliminate bad habits
  • Adopt good habits
  • Pursue LT Dreams/Goals
  • Make sacrifices for the long-term, in the pursuit of those Dreams/Goals – aka Delayed Gratification.

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