Those Who Control Their Emotions Never Fall Victim to Mass Hysteria or Mass Panic


According to my Rich Habits research data, successful people learn to control their emotions.

In fact, they get so good at controlling their emotions, it morphs into a habit.

Any because it is a habit, these successful individuals are unaffected by the emotions, the panics and the mass hysteria that sometimes infects society.

They refuse to panic, even when everyone around them is doing so.

How are they able to control their emotions and not panic?

Inside your brain is a region called the Dorsa Lateral Pre-Frontal Cortex. This brain region possesses a unique, very powerful army of billions of brain cells called Inhibatory Neurons.

These Inhibatory Neurons function as the braking system of the brain; capable of immediately shutting down any and all emotions and impulses, bursting forth from the emotional centers of the brain – the Amygdala (fear, panic, fight or flight) and the Nucleus Accumbens (impulses).

When you have the Rich Habit of controlling your emotions, you separate yourself from the masses of individuals who allow themselves to be controlled by their base emotions.

This emotional-control Rich Habit represents a huge competitive advantage – it stops you from making poor, harmful, emotion-based decisions and it allows you to make thoughtful, logical decisions.

Do you want to be like everybody else? Or do you want to live an exceptional, successful, happy and healthy life?

The choice is yours.

Don’t be part of the emotionally-driven, panicking herd. Separate yourself from them.

You do this by taking control of your emotions. Take control of your emotions, today!

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