Cheat Sheet Method to Boosting Memory


I have to remember a lot.

Tax law, financial planning rules/products, Rich Habits research …

When I am interviewed by the media or preparing for a speaking engagement, I go through a process that enables me to recall the research data, studies, brain science and habit science that I want to share with my audience.

What is that process?

I call it the Cheat Sheet Process. Here’s how it works.

Fact Binder

I maintain something called a Fact Binder. It’s a six-inch binder filled with notes and supporting documentation, broken down by the following categories:

  • Wealth/Poverty
  • Successful People
  • Brain Science
  • Rich Habits-Related Studies
  • Health/Exercise
  • Economics/Financial Planning/Tax
  • General Facts
  • Words
  • Quips/Jokes
  • Grammar
  • Quotes
  • Phrases

Cheat Sheet

For each category above, I create something I call a Cheat Sheet. For example, my Cheat Sheet for Rich Habits runs 25 pages, front and back. Those 25 pages summarize the most important things I need to remember from the nearly 300 pages of information included in that particular subject category. Those 25 pages are a sort of a condensed version of the 300 pages of info.

Before any media interview or just prior to any speaking engagement, I spend about an hour reviewing my Rich Habits Cheat Sheet.

I do the same thing, once a week, for the Economics/Financial Planning/Tax category.

Practice perfects knowledge and skills

In my Rich Habits research, I learned that wealthy, successful people engage in daily practice to maintain and perfect their knowledge and skills. In this way, they become Virtuosos in whatever it is they do.

This Cheat Sheet Process is how I Practice. It is a tool I use to help me remember important information.

Success is a process.

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