How to Create Massive Change in Your Life


Since 2004, I’ve been studying the lives of the rich and the poor. In my Rich Habits Study, 76% of the millionaires in my study came from poverty or the middle-class.

What intrigued me more than anything, from my research, was how those very average poor and middle-class individuals were somehow able to rise above their circumstances and become wealthy.

There were mighty lessons I learned from listening to how they created such massive change in their lives.

Here are those lessons.

Lesson #1 You Must Create a Vision of the Future You

When you create a vision of who you want to be in the future, this opens up your eyes to all of the dreams and goals that you must pursue in order to massively change your life.

Lesson #2 You Must Change Your Thinking From Negative to Positive

Almost every self-made millionaire in my Rich Habits Study considered themselves optimists. They all shared a positive, upbeat, optimistic outlook on life. In my brain research, I learned that the prefrontal cortex is shut down or suppressed by negativity. For instance, in Martin Seligman’s Study, sponsored by MetLife, he found that the Optimist Group sold 50% more than the Pessimist Group. B.L. Frederickson’s 1998 & 2001 Broaden and Build Studies found positivity boosted the prefrontal cortex’s ability to focus and improved overall cognitive ability (IQ).

Lesson #3 You Must Change Your Daily Habits From Bad to Good

You are the sum total of your habits. If your daily habits are bad, your life will be bad. If your daily habits are good, your life will be good. If you want to massively change your life, it begins with changing your habits from bad to good.

Lesson #4 You Must Change Who You Associate With

Habits spread like a virus within your social network. Health habits, thinking habits, money habits and many other behaviors are derived from those you associate with. If you associate with individuals who exercise daily, you will exercise daily. If you associate with positive people, you will become a positive person. If you associate with people who are frugal with their money, you will become frugal with your money.

If you are pursuing a dream and its associated goals, hang out with other people who are pursuing the same dreams and goals.

Lesson #5 You Must Forge Daily Growth Habits

There are two prime categories of Growth Habits:

  1. Knowledge-Based Growth Habits – Growing your knowledge-base every day. There are two types of Knowledge-Based Growth Habits:
    • Reading to Learn – This requires reading thirty minutes to three hours every day in order to become an expert in your field. The more you know about what you do for a living, the more valuable you are to others. The more valuable you are, the more you can charge for your services.
    • Learn From Other Experts – Picking the brains of those who are experts in your field will help you grow in knowledge. These experts can be supervisors, mentors, teachers, coaches, etc.
  2. Skill-Based Growth Habits – Practicing every day, maintains, improves and perfects your skills. There are two types of practice that will transform you into a Virtuoso in your particular skill-set:
    • Deliberate Practice – Deliberate Practice involves repetition – repeatedly practicing the subsets of the skills you possess. For example, tennis requires skills – you need to know how to serve, volley, hit a forehand and hit a backhand. But when Roger Federer practices his forehand, he’ll hit 500 topspin forehands, 500 slice forehands, 500 down the line forehands, 500 cross-court forehands and 500 down the middle forehands. He practices subsets of his forehand every day. And then he does the same with his serve, volley and backhand.
    • Analytical Practice – Analytical Practice requires feedback from someone watching you perform your craft; someone who is also an expert in the same craft. In most cases, getting someone to watch you do what you do and then evaluate your performance, requires money to pay for that feedback.

Lesson #6 You Must Forge Daily Good Health Habits

As one self-made millionaire in my study told me – “You can’t make money sitting in a hospital bed.”

You must be have good health if you want to be successful in life. Good Health Habits include:

  • Daily Exercise – Thirty minutes or more of aerobics and 30 minutes or more of anaerobics (weight lifting, high impact training, pushups, sit-ups, etc.)
  • Healthy Eating – Getting two-third’s of your calories from vegetables is key to good nutrition. Vegetables boost the good bacteria that lives within you gut. This good bacteria also boosts your immune system’s ability to fight off viruses, bacteria, parasites and disease.

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