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Reading is a Rich Habit. Eighty-eight percent of the self-made millionaires in my Rich Habits Study, read 30 minutes or more every day. Typically, what they read related to what they did for a living.
This habit enabled them to acquire more information, increasing their knowledge-base, which made them more valuable to their customers or clients.
The more knowledgeable you are the more valuable you are. People who perceive you to have superior knowledge are willing to pay a premium for that knowledge.
Here are some ways you can increase the number of books you read:
  • Best Time to Read – The time of day you read can actually increase your reading speed and comprehension. According to my Rich Habits research, the optimum times to read are:
    • First thing in the morning, after waking up. This is when your willpower is strongest and your brain is the cleanest it will be of toxins that accumulate during waking hours.
    • Immediately following a nap – naps recharge and restore brain function.
    • Immediately after or during aerobic exercise – aerobic activity dramatically boosts oxygen levels in the blood, which then filters into the brain. Why is oxygen level so important? Oxygen is used by every cell in the body to convert glucose or ketones into ATP, the ultimate fuel source for every cell in the body, including brain cells. The higher your oxygen levels, the more fuel mitochondria are able to manufacture inside your brain cells. Increased brain fuel allows your brain cells to operate at optimum levels.
  • Listen to Audio books while you: commute to work, exercise or do chores. Sixty-three percent of the self-made millionaires in my Rich Habits Study said they listened to audio books regularly. This allowed them to read more books and increase their knowledge base.
  • Keep a book in the bathroom, in your car or in your purse – Having easy access to a book makes it easier and more convenient to read. Over time, this will form into a permanent reading habit.
  • Keep a book on your nightstand – Reading before bedtime is not the most effective reading but it’s still reading. But, there is one huge bonus in reading to learn, just prior to sleep – while you sleep, the reading material stands a better chance of being converted into long-term Declarative Memory. During any part of the day, the Hippocampus does its best to temporarily store information you absorb during the day. During sleep, the Hippocampus transfers its temporarily stored information to the neocortex, where it is permanently stored. As the day wears on, however, information you acquire at the beginning of the day loses its priority within the Hippocampus, replaced by newer, more recent information. So, any information you acquire right before you fall asleep, will take priority over older information, and this increase the odds of that information being converted into long-term memory.

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