How to Think Your Way to Happiness

Once we move beyond the need for food and shelter, we are all after one thing in life – happiness. Happiness, unfortunately, is elusive. Most people are, in fact, unhappy and most of those unhappy people will do anything to pursue happiness. 

Unfortunately, some of the methods they use to pursue happiness are destructive. Drugs, alcohol, infidelity, gambling and many other vices are examples of activities individuals engage in to find temporary happiness. These vices eventually become Poverty Habits. When these Poverty Habits no longer bring about their short term happiness, we tend to move on to another vice, which soon becomes another Poverty Habit. This trend often continues for an entire lifetime. It is a destructive trend that causes divorce, job loss, failing health and ultimately, an unhappy life.

Happiness comes from within, not without. Pursuing happiness externally is a recipe for a failed, miserable life. But how do you find happiness from within? Through the following process of Rich Thinking:

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Tom Corley is a bestselling author, speaker, and media contributor for Business Insider, CNBC and a few other national media outlets.

His Rich Habits research has been read, viewed or heard by over 50 million people in 25 countries around the world.

Besides being an author, Tom is also a CPA, CFP, holds a master’s degree in taxation and is President of Cerefice and Company, a CPA firm in New Jersey.
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