Only Actions Turn Dreams into Reality

You’ve no doubt heard about the power of positive thinking. The Power of Positive Thinking, by Norman Vincent Peale and Think and Grow Rich, by Napoleon Hill were two of the most famous books written on the subject of positive thinking. They are great books. While I am a big believer in the power of positive thinking, I learned from my five-year study of wealthy, successful people that action, not thinking, makes success happen. Rich Thinking is critical in preparing the mind for the action necessary to turn dreams into reality. More emphasis, however, is placed on the thinking and beliefs that are important to facilitating success than on the action that actually makes success a reality. Without action you will not become successful in life. It doesn’t matter how strong your beliefs or how positive your thinking might be.

You will not attract success by thinking. You will only attract success when action follows Rich Thinking. Wealth only rains down upon those who act. Only by taking action will you realize success and attract wealth. You must do certain things every day that move you toward the realization of a dream or the accomplishment of some major goal or purpose in life. Believing or visualizing success, without action, is just wasted neural energy. Rich Thinking turns the car on but only action will move that car forward. If you want to be successful in life you need to move beyond beliefs and positive thinking. You must take action. Here’s how:

  • Every day do five things that move you towards the realization of your dream or major goal/purpose. These five things should require 1-2 hours of your time every day.
  • Network with people who can help you realize your dream or major goal/purpose.
  • Prospect for people who can help you realize your dream or major goal/purpose.
  • Persistently act. Try every day. Throw things at the wall. Keep throwing; something is bound to stick.
  • Focus relentlessly on the actions that will help you realize your dream or major goal/purpose.
  • Develop or improve upon the skills that are needed to help you realize your dream or major goal/purpose.
  • Organize a Mastermind group. Brainstorm with your Mastermind group about what actions you can take to help you move forward. Mastermind groups only work when everyone in your group is pursuing your dream or your major goal or purpose. Mastermind groups do not work if everyone has their own dream, goals or purpose. Everyone should be pulling the same cart – your cart.
  • Promote your dream or major goal/purpose every day but only with those who have the power or authority to help you realize your dream or major goal/purpose.
  • Secure the services of experts who know how to help you realize your dream or major goal/purpose. Ideally these experts should have a proven track record of helping others achieve identical dreams or identical goals.
  • Learn from your mistakes. Why did an initiative fail? Learn from every failure.
  • Be patient. Never give up; never, ever quit.
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