Tip o’ the Morning to Ya – Thoughts + Emotions = Reprogramming

Rich Habits Word of the Day

Reiteration – Repetition.  Tom used the reiteration of thoughts via daily affirmations to reprogram his mind from negative to positive.

Rich Habits Fact of the Day

Neoteny is a biological reference that means the retention of juvenile characteristics in the adults of species.

Rich Habits Lesson of the Day

Most of us have been are raised since childhood with limiting beliefs. Limiting beliefs represent subconscious programming created by negative emotions such as fear, envy and doubt. Parents unintentionally filled our minds with “no’s” and “cant’s” in an effort to protect us from harm, because of existing financial limitations or because of their own limiting beliefs that they learned from their parents growing up. Limiting beliefs represent negative programming that hold you back in life from financial success. If you want to reprogram your mind here is the formula: Repetitive Thoughts + Emotion = Reprogramming. Repeating a positive thought every day and attaching a positive emotion to it act like computer software code and reprogram the subconscious.

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