Tip o’ the Morning to Ya – The Power of Confidence

Rich Habits Word of the Day

Mettle – Confidence, determination.  His mettle was forged in life by pursing his dream to it’s successful completion.

Rich Habits Fact of the Day

Interview with Richard Branson on Confidence:

PETER THOMPSON: As you reflect back, were you aware of having such a strong inner sense of self-confidence, which has clearly been one of your traits through life?

RICHARD BRANSON: You know, once I was really working on the magazine, and I was doing something that I was interested in, yeah, then I started gaining self-confidence. And I think with dyslexics generally, once they realise that they’ve found something that they can excel at, which often dyslexics can, and they can put aside the areas that they can’t excel at, then they find a purpose in life, and they can do really well.

Rich Habits Lesson of the Day

Confidence commands automatic respect from others. Those with high levels of confidence cast a spell on everyone around them. No one is immune to this spell. Confidence will propel you to positions of leadership in whatever industry you call your profession. Confidence will elevate you  from whatever position you hold in any company or industry to the very top. Confidence will make you very wealthy. Confidence has an incredible power.

Confidence comes from two places: Mentoring and Success. As I’ve said many times before, parents are often the only shot any of us have at having a mentor in life, so parents are critical to instilling confidence in their children. They build the foundation for confidence in their children. But by far the most significant contributor to confidence is success. Experiencing success in your life in your endeavors fuels your confidence and takes it to higher levels. Those who pursue success (by following their dreams, main purpose or some major goal in life) and succeed, grow their confidence geometrically. This creates a domino affect, creating more confidence and more success in life. People flock to those who are successful and have high levels of confidence. You become a magnet to other important, successful people. Most, unfortunately, are raised by parents who do not build the foundation of confidence within their children. This is why pursuing some dream, main purpose or major goal in life is critical in life. When you realize your dream, main purpose of achieve some major goal, it elevates your confidence and magically transforms you into a completely different, better person.

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