Ten Reasons Why Wealth and Poverty are the Result of Parenting and Habits

From my 5 year study on daily habits, I discovered that parenting and daily habits dictate how financially successful or unsuccessful you will be in life. By focusing my research on rich people and poor people, I made a number of significant discoveries:

  1. Certain parenting strategies create Rich Kids – children who grow up to be financially successful in life.
  2. Daily habits are responsible for income inequality and the wealth gap that plague our country.
  3. There are three types of parents. Rich Parents, Poverty Parents and Middle-Class Parents.
  4. Rich Parents teach their kids certain good daily success habits and their children grow up to become happy, successful and wealthy. Those who are raised in Rich Parenting households represent about 5% of the population in America.
  5. Poor Parents teach their children certain bad daily habits and their children grow up to become unhappy, unsuccessful and poor. Those who are raised in Poverty Parenting households represent about 30% of the population in America.
  6. Middle-Class Parents, teach their children an equal number of good daily success habits and bad daily habits. Those who are raised in a Middle-Class Parenting household represent about 65% of the population in America.
  7. 40% of all of our daily activities are habits.
  8. Habits stay with you almost forever. Once a habit is formed, your brain creates a neural pathway. It may take years for that neural pathway to atrophy from non-use.
  9. There are two types of habits: Ordinary Habits and Keystone Habits.
  10. Keystone Habits are like habits on steroids. They overpower other ordinary habits. Adopting just one Keystone Habit will overpower 2 or more ordinary habits.
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