Why Do So Few Ring the Bell While So Many Get Their Bell Rung?

Circumstances are temporary but made permanent by our daily habits. Those who have good daily habits do well in life. Those who have bad daily habits, do not. The few with good daily habits are rewarded with success, wealth, good health and, above all, happiness. The masses with bad daily habits fail, struggle financially, have poor health and, above all, are unhappy.

Your daily habits dictate your circumstances in life. Changing your circumstances requires that you change your daily habits. Most, in America, are born into either poverty or the middle-class. 87% of those who are rich were raised in a  poor or middle-class home. Yet, somehow, they were able to rise above their circumstances and achieve wealth. So, clearly, circumstances you are born into do not dictate your financial status in life. But how do they do it? How do they rise above their circumstances?

Those lucky few who achieve financial success in life were the beneficiaries of a success-mentor. Most of those fortunate few received their success-mentoring from parents, rich or poor, who dedicated their lives to teaching their children good daily success habits. The rest found mentors in the classroom, at work, in books or through the school of hard knocks – typically by starting a small business.

If you were born into a poor or middle-class home and desire to become wealthy, you have to want to change your circumstances. No one will do it for you. It’s all up to you. You can choose to wallow in self pity, blame your circumstances, your parents, society, the government, bankers or Wall Street. Or you can choose to take control over your life and change your circumstances. Deciding to be a victim is the road most take. Because of their limiting beliefs they get their bell rung financially their entire lives.

The fortunate few, however, choose another path. They choose to take responsibility for their lives and shun the idea that their circumstances dictate their lot in life. They engage in daily self-improvement. The engage in daily self-education. They read and learn every day. They make an effort to associate with other successful or like-minded people. They eliminate bad habits which hold them back in life. They cast aside their limiting beliefs and, as a result, ring the bell financially.


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