6 Tools Wealthy People Use to Rise From Poverty

Successful people are positive, upbeat, optimistic, fearless, energetic, enthusiastic, relentless, focused and generally happier than everyone else. This is not by virtue of their genes or their circumstances. Successful people make a habit of positive thinking. Below are six tools I uncovered in my five-year study that successful people use to make positive thinking a habit:

  1. Script Your Ideal Life – Write a 5, 10, or 20 year future letter that details your ideal, future life. Include where your live, what you do for a living, how much money you have, how healthy you are, how much you weigh, the incredible vacations you’ve taken, the car you drive etc. Paint a picture of your ideal perfect life five years, ten years or twenty years into the future. This will become the road map for your perfect, ideal future life.
  2. Create a Vision Board – Find and past pictures to a physical or virtual (i.e. screen saver) vision board of all of the things that you will have or will do in your future ideal life. Review your vision board once a week.
  3. Create Your Wish List – Create a list of all of the things you will have or do in your future ideal life. Read your Wish List once a week.
  4. Create Goals Around Your Wishes – Identify each one of the long-term goals that, once achieved, will enable you to have your ideal, future life. Example: I will become a famous, bestselling author by (specify exact date).
  5. Create Daily Affirmations Around Your Goals – Create daily affirmations that are tied to each one of your goals. The affirmation must be in the present tense and represent your future state. Example: I am a famous bestselling author.
  6. Meditate Every Day – Meditate 2-5 minutes in the morning, at night and during times of stress. During your meditation visualize yourself living your ideal life. Visualize yourself standing on the porch of your ideal home, driving your ideal car, vacationing at some exotic place.
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