Tip o’ the Morning to Ya – Happiness Habit #1 Practiced Optimism

Optimism isn’t something you are born with. It needs to be a routine; it needs to become a daily habit. Successful people understand this. They practice optimistic thinking every day. It’s part of their daily routine. Some of the tools they use include:

  • Daily Meditation – 2-5 minutes each day morning and night. They visualize realizing their dreams and goals. They see themselves living their new future life.
  • Vision Boards – 5-10 pictures of the things they want in their life. These pictures are taped onto cardboard, scroll on their desktop or posted where they can view them every day.
  • Daily Affirmations – Various affirmations are repeated every day. These represent short statements of affirming the realization of their dreams and goals.
  • Cancel – Any time some negative thought or emotion enters their mind they immediately recognize it and cancel it from their mind before it takes root.
  • Script Their Future Life – Successful people write out a few paragraphs of what their future, ideal life is. They read this script at least once a week. This script keeps them focused on the big picture and keeps them in a positive mindset.
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