Tip o’ the Morning to Ya – Happiness Habit #2 Living in the Moment

In my study I found that successful, wealthy people were happier than everyone else because they make a habit of happiness. One of the happiness habits they practice is living in the moment. But what does living in the moment really mean? Have you ever been at a party, fun event or family gathering and your mind was elsewhere, thinking about work, projects that need to get done, issues you have with people, worrying over your finances, bills, etc.? What a waste of a good happiness event. Living in the moment means clearing your mind of all thoughts and enjoying the moment, enjoying the present. When you live in the moment you create a happiness event. When you allow other thoughts to interfere with a happiness event, you lose that happiness event forever. The key to overall happiness in life is accumulating more happiness events. You do this by thinking about nothing but the present. You do this by living in the moment.

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