Tip o’ the Morning to Ya – Happiness Habit #3 Overcome One Fear

Happiness is a habit. There are certain Happiness Habits successful people practice almost every day. I touched on a few last week (Practiced Optimism and Living in the Moment). This week I’m going to shine a light on some of the others. Today’s Happiness Habit involves conquering fear. Fear holds you back from taking on new challenges in life. It sidelines most of us for most of our lives. What to do about it? This week do one thing that scares you, big or small. Spend the entire week overcoming just one fear. Overcoming fear will alter your thinking. It will reprogram your mind from negative to positive. It will increase your level of confidence. Doing something that scares your will take you out of your comfort zone and make you anxious and nervous. It will also exhilarate you. Human beings were not intended to be slaves to our fears. Our core fears reside in the limbic system portion of our brains. The neocortex, the most recent evolutionary portion of our brain, has the ability to consciously overcome our fears. When you take on a fear, both parts of the brain begin to compete against each other. The neocortex is far superior in terms of size. It has billions more neurons than the limbic system. It can easily overcome any fear. So go out this week and scare yourself. Become the master of fear and not its slave.

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