Reading Habits of the Affluent

Perhaps the most significant self-improvement Rich Habit I uncovered in my five-year study on the daily habits of the rich and poor concerned reading. Wealthy, successful people are voracious readers. They devote significant time every day to reading for self-improvement. Here are some statistics on reading from my study:

  • 86% of the wealthy love to read. 74% of the poor do not love to read.
  • 85% of the wealthy read two or more educational books every month. Only 15% of the poor have this Rich Habit.
  • 88% of the wealthy read thirty minutes or more each day vs. 2% of the poor.
  • 63% of the wealthy listen to audio books during their commute to work. Only 5% of the poor share this Rich Habit.

The reasons the wealthy read so much included:

  • To increase their knowledge-base for their job in order to uncover opportunities to make more money or to make themselves more valuable to their employer, customers or clients.
  • To learn more about success.
  • To stay current with events.
  • To exercise their mind.
  • To learn new things.

But what do the wealthy read? What is the reading material of the rich?

  • 51% read about history.
  • 55% read about self-help.
  • 58% read biographies of successful people.
  • 79% read educational material.
  • 94% read about current events.
  • 45% read financial material such as the Wall Street Journal, Money Magazine, Kiplingers etc.
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  1. The rich get richer because they keep doing the things that made them rich. The poor get poorer for the same reason.

    I’ve often found that “rich” people are fairly generous and helpful, but they are often demonized by poorer people . The same people who wish they could be rich.

    My goal is to create enough value in this world for people to want to pay me for my expertise.

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