Happiness Habit #9 – Meditate for a Month


What is meditation? While conscious, our brains vibrate at a rate of twenty cycles per second. This is known as the Beta state. Meditation is the act of slowing your brain vibrations down to the Alpha state – ten cycles per second. Alpha is a conscious state that precedes sleep. It is also considered the creative state, the state where creative ideas flourish; where the subconscious parts of your brain (brain stem and limbic system) are awakened intentionally. Many great inventors and successful entrepreneurs found answers to many of their questions only when their brains were relaxed. To meditate you need to simply close your eyes and relax your mind and body, letting all thoughts pass by like railroad cars on a train track. You can meditate for as little as one minute but many people will meditate for longer periods of time. For people new to meditation I recommend one to three minutes a day.

Why is meditation important?  Meditation is good brain management. It’s like a vacation for the brain. It reduces stress, triggers the creative forces within our subconscious and increases telomerase (an enzyme that keeps telomeres healthy. Telomeres close off each chromosome’s DNA. When telomeres fray, cells die. This is why we age. Our cells stop  dividing and die and this leads to aging).

For the next month, set a goal of meditating for sixty seconds every day in the morning, after waking up, or at night, right before bedtime. It will make you feel more relaxed and induce a state of happiness. Every time you meditate you create a Happiness Event. Overall happiness is dependent on the number of happiness events you have in life. Those with the most Happiness Events in their lives are happier overall than everyone else.

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