Happiness Habit #13 – Pursue One Long-Term Goal This Year


While it might seem strange that pursuing a goal is a Happiness Event, research shows that we are genetically engineered to be goal oriented. When we pursue a new goal we activate or create neurons, which then begin firing with each other, creating a new neural pathway. New dentrites and synapses form inside the brain. The brain likes this and releases certain neurochemicals that create a feeling of pleasure or happiness as we learn new things in pursuit of our goal. Every time you learn something new in pursuit of your goal you trigger a happiness event. This physiology is why those who pursue goals consider the pursuit more gratifying than the actual realization of the goal. For the next year find one major, long-term goal you have always wanted to pursue and dive in. You will give yourself a year of Happiness Events. Remember that those with the most Happiness Events in life experience an overall sense of happiness with their lives.

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