Getting Unstuck

You know it when you feel it. That feeling of being stuck, with every day feeling like you are on a treadmill, getting nowhere.  What can you do? If you want to get off that treadmill and move in a positive direction you need to do four things:

  1. Re-script your life
  2. Make a big wish
  3. Define your major goals
  4. Change your thinking and beliefs.

In order to re-script your life you need to engage in a little bit of fantasy. The tool to re-write your life’s script is the Future Letter. Take out a piece of paper and in 300 to 500 words paint a picture, with those words, of the ideal life you desire. Spare no details. Let your imagination soar. Create on paper the life you want to have five to ten years down the road. It’s fun and it will engage your subconscious.

With your life’s new script in hand, identify the one major wish that will help you pave the road to your new future. This wish needs to be big and seemingly impossible.

Re-writing your life’s script and identifying your big wish will help you define the major goals that will enable you to focus your efforts and bring clarity of purpose to your life. The tool to achieving your goals is the Daily Five strategy. Each day do five small things to help you move forward toward achieving your goals. These five things should require no more than an hour of your time each day.

Your script, wish and goals will force you to the final step: changing your thinking. This step requires a shift from negative thinking to positive thinking. You need to make optimism, gratitude and happiness a daily habit. It also requires that you confront those limiting beliefs that have been holding you back in life. The tools that will get you there are daily affirmations and visualization. Daily affirmations are lies you tell yourself every day. They need to be in the present tense and represent a future state – the achievement of your goals and realization of your major wish and ideal life. The brain will do anything you tell it to do if you tell it often enough with emotion. False affirmations agitate the brain, which then goes to work to help you achieve the goals that will make your big wish come true and help you realize your ideal life. The brain thinks in pictures. Visualization is, therefore, the language of the brain. Coupled with false affirmation programming, it will cause a shift in your behavior. Your intuition will begin working for you, whispering in your ears to do certain things and take certain action.


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