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A positive, optimistic mindset is a common thread amongst most wealthy people. A negative, pessimistic mindset is a common thread amongst most poor people. Gratitude is one of the most important variables in shifting your thinking from negative to positive.  When you make gratitude a daily habit it reprograms your brain from negative to positive. It helps put you on the path to prosperity. It’s very much like a computer app that says to your brain: “I want to attract more good things into my life”.

The practice of gratitude can take many forms. One such form involves random acts of kindness. It could be anything, big or small, that helps improve the life of another person: buying a meal for a poor person, putting change in a parking meter, returning a stray garbage can, helping someone with their shopping bags etc.

The Daily Five strategy is a simple tool to help you make gratitude a daily habit. Each workday commit to performing just one act of random kindness. It will force your brain to shift from negative to positive by making you become conscious of opportunities to be kind to others.

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