Think Good Thoughts and Good Health Will Follow


Your habitual thinking can make you healthy or unhealthy. Positive thinking has the effect of reducing stress. Negative thinking has the effect of increasing stress. Stress sets all sorts of neurochemicals in motion and also turns on certain genes that suppress our immune system. If you want to increase your immune system’s ability to fight diseases, germs, viruses and parasites you need to engage in Rich Thinking. Here are some tools that will do that:

  • 5 to 20 minutes a day of mediation
  • Read your list of positive daily affirmations
  • Make it a habit of associating with other positive, upbeat, happy people
  • Avoid associating with other negative, depressed, unhappy people
  • Read something inspirational when you feel the onset of stress
  • Listen to relaxing, soothing music when you feel the onset of stress
  • Google some jokes to read when you feel the onset of stress
  • Aerobic exercise will produce hormones that help reduce stress
  • Daydream about your ideal, perfect life
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