Reticular Activating System


The Reticular Activating System (RAS) is part of our old brain (brain stem, aka subconscious) physiology. It is like a toggle switch in the brain. When turned off, the new brain (neocortex, aka conscious) is in charge. When the RAS is turned on, the new brain is placed in temporary hibernation and the old brain takes over. We are placed in autopilot where fight or flight instincts replace higher brain functions. Another primary function of the RAS is as a sensory filter. It blocks out almost all sensory input. If it didn’t, our brains would be overwhelmed and we would go insane. When we set a big goal, pursue a major purpose or follow a life dream, our RAS becomes tuned in to sensory data that will help us achieve the goal, purpose or dream. Opportunities we did not see previously, become obvious. The law of attraction is actually the RAS system at work. You are not actually attracting opportunities but rather becoming aware of them thanks to the RAS. This is why those who set big goals or pursue a major purpose or dream in life are so much more successful than everyone else. Their RAS is working for them, allowing them to achieve great things in life.

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