Attracting Success

Success does not just manifest itself. It is an evolution, a process. You attract success by the person you become. Those who set out in pursuit of success are very different people at the end of their journey. They attract success by the way they think and the actions they take. The law of attraction is very real. And there is a physiology behind the law of attraction. There is a very old part of our brain that is responsible for opening up our consciousness to opportunities that make success possible. It is called the Reticular Activating System (RAS). The RAS is part of our old brain (brain stem, aka subconscious) physiology. It is like a toggle switch in the brain.  The RAS acts as a sensory filter. It blocks out almost all sensory input. If it didn’t, our brains would be overwhelmed and we would go insane. When the RAS toggle switch is turned on, it allows certain, specific sensory information to seep into our conscious (neocortex). Opportunities we did not see previously, now become obvious. The law of attraction is actually the RAS system at work. You are not actually attracting opportunities, but rather, becoming aware of them thanks to the RAS. People who are able to turn on their RAS achieve incredible things in life.

How to turn on your RAS

There are two ways to turn on the RAS toggle switch:

  1. Thinking – Changing your belief system from negative to positive by eliminating those limiting beliefs that are holding you back in life
  2. Action – Pursuing a big goal, major purpose or lifelong dream

Pursuing success requires that you eliminate any limiting beliefs that are holding you back in realizing success. Our beliefs can either create success or create failure.  Our RAS only allows in that sensory data that is consistent with our beliefs. If you believe you are smart, you are right. If you believe you are dumb, you are right. If you believe life is your oyster, you are right. If you believe life is a struggle, you are right. What we believe determines what information the RAS will allow in.

Our beliefs are stored in our subconscious mind. The subconscious part of our brain makes up most of our brain. It controls our autonomic system, directs our behavior, stores our habits, it is where our emotions reside and warehouses our beliefs. Most thoughts created by our conscious mind are never allowed into our subconscious mind by the RAS. It’s intentional. Every day we are bombarded with data taken in by our senses. The subconscious has no choice but to filter and limit the data it takes in. Only thoughts that are consistent with our beliefs are allowed in. Beliefs are like computer software coding for the subconscious. Beliefs represent programming the subconscious mind has accepted. Beliefs reprogram our subconscious, which then goes to work to alter our lives by altering our behavior. If you want to be successful in life you must start by changing your beliefs and in order to do that you need to create positive belief programming and avoid negative belief programming.

Pursuing a big goal, major purpose of lifelong dream forces you to evolve as a person. It forces you to improve existing skills and add skills you did not have previously. Daily self-education related to your goal, purpose or dream, allows you to learn more, elevating your knowledge and comprehension. When you pursue a goal, purpose of dream, you will encounter many obstacles. These obstacles are not there to hold you back from achieving your goal, purpose or dream. Obstacles grow your understanding of what works and what doesn’t work. They force you to a higher level of learning and knowledge. Every time you encounter an obstacle and overcome it, you improve as a person. You become bigger internally. You grow as a person. You evolve into someone very different. You become an expert.

When we change our thinking by canceling out limiting beliefs and when we pursue a goal, purpose or dream our RAS becomes a GPS for success. It becomes tuned in to sensory data that will help us to achieve our goal, purpose or dream.

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