How to Reduce Your Metabolic Set Point (and Keep the Weight Off)


Each person has their own genetically predetermined metabolic set rate. A set point is a level of weight each person’s body seeks to maintain. For example, if a person’s set point is 200 pounds and they lose 20 pounds by dieting, the body’s metabolism will seek to regain that 20 pounds. Sleeping also affects your metabolic set point. Those sleeping less than 4 hours a night are 73% more likely to be obese. Sleep deprivation lowers leptin (fat) levels and raises gherlin (a hormone that stimulates appetite) levels. When we don’t get enough sleep our bodies increase the level of fat storage and increase our appetites.  Researchers have concluded, therefore, that the only way to maintain sustained weight loss and permanently lower your body’s set point is through a lifelong process of eating less fat and aerobic exercise, coupled with a good night’s sleep (7-8 hours for adults).

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