Be Optimistic Today – Shutting Down the Negativity Loop


With so much negativity surrounding our every waking moment, it is easy to fall victim to the Negativity Loop – a habit of focusing on the negative. The Negativity Loop damages our ability to succeed in life. It actually works against us, preventing us from realizing success in life. It turns us into pessimists. To break this Negativity Loop we must make it a daily habit of focusing on those things in life that are going right in our lives. Starting today, make a list of everything that is going right in your life, starting with things that went right yesterday, last week, last month, last year etc. Keep adding to this list as new thoughts emerge from your long-term memory. This is important because it forces the neocortex (your executive brain) to shift your thinking from negative to positive. You give your brain a directive to search for happiness events, anything good that happened in your life, and like a dedicated servant, your brain goes to work searching its library of experiences and memories for good stuff. It won’t take longer than a week of doing this before you feel its affects – a shift in your thinking from negative to positive. This shift will help you see things in an optimistic light and shut down the Negativity Loop.

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