The Awesome Power of Persistence


Wealthy, successful people are persistent. They simply never give up – even if it means they will fail. 27% of the wealthy in my study failed at least once in business. And then they went on to try again. They persisted. Why? Because they were obsessed with pursuing a big goal, major purpose or lifelong dream. They found their passion in life because they found their purpose in life. When you find your purpose in life it will fuel you with a passion that makes it impossible to quit. Persistence is the major factor in success. It is more important than any other success trait.

Winston Churchill had persistence and it infected all of Britain. The Battle of Britain was the longest aerial battle in the history of mankind. Great Britain, at the time, was the only force on earth courageous enough to stand up the all-powerful Nazi army. The Royal Air Force of Britain was commanded by another individual infected with persistence, Sir Hugh Dowding. His close collaboration with Churchill in this great battle, and the citizens of Britain’s commitment to persist against the Nazis, never wavered. The Battle of Britain forced Hitler to concede, which ultimately changed the course of the war. Unable to break Britain, Hitler withdrew his plans for an invasion of Britain and decided to marshal his army to invade Russia instead, which he believed would be easier to defeat than Britain. What’s truly amazing about this is the fact that Britain was very near its breaking point. It was running out of pilots. But their unrelenting persistence broke Hitler’s resolve and the rest, as they say, is history. The persistence of Churchill, Dowding and the people of Britain overcame the most powerful army the modern world had ever known at that time.

Persistence in the face of incredible odds always wins out. Follow your dreams, and never, ever quit.

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