Whose Main Purpose in Life Are You Pursuing?


Wealthy, successful people pursue their own individual main purpose in life. Because they are pursuing their own main purpose they are infused with a passion that allows them to focus persistently on realizing their dreams in life. They set and achieve specific goals that are linked to their main purpose. Most people are not following their own main purpose in life, however. They are following someone else’s. It may be a main purpose of a mother, father, spouse, or some other significant presence in their life. When you are not following your main purpose you are not happy. You do not look forward to Monday’s or any other work day. You see life as drudgery and anxiously await the weekends, holidays and vacation time. You pursue post-work activities that are often unhealthy, such as excessive alcohol consumption. You are often mired in negative, depressed thoughts. That’s not what life intended for you. Life intended that each of us pursue our own individual main purpose in life. Doing so awakens our inner genius and stimulates the creative parts of our brain that make humans so unique. You will not be happy and successful in life pursuing someone else’s agenda. You need to pursue your own agenda; you need to follow your own individual main purpose in life.

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