The Journey is the Reward

Many of the successful people in my study fondly reminisced about their journey in pursuit of achieving their big goals, major purpose or life dream, rather than in the actual realization of the goals, purpose or dream. Although every journey in pursuit of success is fraught with pitfalls, obstacles, ups and downs, it is, interestingly, the journey itself where we learn, grow and evolve into a new, more improved person. It is the journey that makes us who we are, not the actual success itself. The transformation from ordinary Joe to Joe Success takes place during the journey towards success.

When we pursue a big goal, major purpose or life dream we are forced to grow in knowledge, learn from our mistakes and perfect our skills to such an extent that we actually transform ourselves into experts in our field. It is this period of uninterrupted growth that is the rewarding part, it turns out. Not the manifestation of success. In fact, many of the successful individuals in my study felt as if the realization of their big goals, purpose or dream was the letdown part of the journey. It is this period of growth that is so rewarding. We can’t actually see the growth occurring in ourselves because it is so incremental. Daily growth is hard to see. It is only when we look back and compare the person we were with the person we’ve become that we realize how much we’ve changed and grown during our journey towards success.

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