Unforced Focus


Unforced Focus is like focus on steroids. It is the most powerful type of focus one can have. It does not require any discipline. It just occurs when we pursue something we are very passionate about. Unforced Focus allows us to learn at an accelerated rate because it enables us to engage in extended periods of attention. New knowledge and new skills are easier to obtain when we are in the flow of Unforced Focus. Unforced Focus is the most intense type of focus you can have. Edison had it, Tesla had it, Einstein had it, Steve Jobs had it, Warren Buffet has it. People with Unforced Focus can work on something with laser beam attention endlessly, stopping only to eat, sleep and relieve themselves. When you are in the presence of Unforced Focus you know it. You are unable to pull yourself away from an activity. The key to turning on Unforced Focus is the pursuit of a big goal, major purpose or life dream. Those who do not pursue goals, a purpose or a dream never experience Unforced Focus. Unforced Focus taps the genius that is inside all of us. But for most, it lays dormant their entire lives. This is why it is so important to pursue goals in life. You toggle on the Unforced Focus switch inside each one of us. The neurons inside the brain fire feverishly when we experience Unforced Focus. Pursue a big goal today. Find your main purpose in life this year. Start acting upon your life dream immediately. You will turn on your Genius Gene and Unforced Focus will enable you to accomplish incredible, super-human feats you never thought possible.


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