Follow the Yellow Brick Road – The Success Journey

Success is not an event. It is a journey. Along this journey, every successful person passes through 5 phases, that make success possible. 

#1 Your Why

Why have you decided to pursue a goal, main purpose or life dream? Your Why is so important that without it no success is possible. Your Why is what gives you the passion to take action. Your Why gives you focus, persistence and patience. Your Why makes it impossible for you to quit. All successful people have a huge Why before they embark on their journey towards success. It is the first passenger they pick up along their journey.

#2  Expertise

As you pursue your goal, main purpose of life dream you pick up another passenger on your journey towards success – Expertise. When your Why is strong enough you will be able to obtain all of the knowledge, skill and expertise that is necessary to achieve your goal, purpose or dream. You will learn so many new things along the journey. At the end of your journey you will have become an expert. The greatest thing about expertise is that it cannot be taken away from you. It becomes the fabric of the new you. It makes you bigger. It enables you to become the person you need to be in order to be successful.  And that new you, with all of your new skills and knowledge and experience, will be the new you forever.

#3 Action

Success requires action. You simply cannot think your way to success. Taking action means taking risks. Most people are not successful because they never take action. Fear holds most people back. Successful people overcome their fears and take action, knowing that there is a strong probability they will make costly mistakes and fail along the way. Their Why keeps them taking action.

#4 Beliefs

Successful people have overcome their limiting beliefs. They have replaced their limiting beliefs with positive, optimistic and fearless beliefs. They take control of their mind.

#5 Success Habits

Success requires good daily habits, also known as Success Habits or Rich Habits. These are daily habits that enable you to move forward every day towards the achievement of your goal, purpose or dream. They require consistent daily application. Once formed they will guide you unconsciously towards the realization of your goal, purpose or dream.

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