It’s impossible to achieve success without having a powerful, emotion-based response to the question: “Why am I pursuing this goal, main purpose or life dream?” Emotion is the key. When our Why is powerful enough we will pursue our goal, purpose or life dream with a relentlessness that borders on obsession. We will overcome any and all obstacles, mistakes and failures only when our Why is big and powerful enough. Everyone has a Why. Very few make any effort to find their Why, however. How do you find your Why?

Finding your Why does not require that you wait for some epiphany-type realization event to somehow express itself to you.  You can proactively find your Why. But it requires a little effort. Sitting down with a paper and pencil, write down a script of your ideal, future life. 500 words or less is all it takes. List everything your ideal life would have: type of house, job, money, etc. Then let your mind absorb this script of your future life. Review your script after a few days. It won’t take long before your Why suddenly begins to come into focus.

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