80:20 Rule – Goals/Dreams


The pursuit of success is not glamorous, requires an enormous amount of patience and is fraught with pitfalls, obstacles, mistakes and failures. It requires persistence to achieve success. Those very few who succeed, do so because they do not quit. There is an 80:20 Rule that applies to pursuing success. This rule states that the first 80% of your efforts will only move you 20% closer toward achieving your goal or life dream. The remaining 20% of your efforts, however, is what makes the difference in getting you the rest of the way; the remaining 80%. Those who succeed, do so because they persist where others quit. That’s how success happens. You only find out how amazing you are when your back is up against the wall and your dream feels like it’s collapsing under the weight of all of your failures and mistakes. When you are about ready to quit, but don’t, that is when success happens.

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