Super Parents Raise Kids Who Become the 1%

In my five-year study of the habits of the rich and poor ( one of the most profound discoveries I made was the vast difference in the habits the rich and the poor learned from their parents. Parents who raised children who became rich and successful in life taught them very specific success habits that they took with them into their adult lives. These unique daily habits provided a foundation of success that enabled their kids to excel and succeed in life.

Conversely, those who experienced poverty in their adult lives were unintentionally taught specific Poverty Habits by their parents which created a foundation of poverty that followed them into their adult lives, creating a generational cycle of poverty.

My research uncovered one overriding fact: Parents are responsible for poverty, the wealth gap and income inequality in America.
Not Wall Street, not the economy, not the 1%, not government policies, not your life’s circumstances – Parents!

In my book Rich Kids – How to Raise Our Children to be Happy and Successful in Life ( I set out to list the hundreds of habits, behaviors, choices and thinking that the rich and the poor learned from their parents. My objective is simple: to end the cycle of generational poverty and enable kids to live the life they were intended to live. Let me share with you some of the habits, behaviors, choices and thinking prevalent in Super Parent households:

  • Super Parents make their kids read every day for self-education. Thirty minutes or more of self-education reading was the minimum.
  • Super Parents enroll their kids in mentoring groups such as: The Boys or Girls Club, Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts, Big Brother or Big Sister.
  • Super Parents withhold 50% or more of any money their children receive and put this money into savings.
  • Super Parents review their kids homework. They become their child’s Accountability Partner.
  • Super Parents limit the consumption of T.V., use of Internet and video game playtime to one hour or less every day.
  • Super Parents make their kids exercise aerobically for 30 minutes, four days a week.
  • Super Parents punish their kids for losing their temper.
  • Super Parents punish their kids for saying inappropriate things.
  • Super Parents attend every Parent-Teacher conference.
  • Super Parents instill in their children individual responsibility for their life circumstances. Excuses or blaming others for life’s circumstances were not allowed.
  • Super Parents instill in their kids a positive mental outlook. They embrace the American Dream, positivity and embolden their kids with a sense that life has unlimited opportunity, irrespective of current circumstances. Consequently, their kids are positive, optimistic and enthusiastic about life.
  • Super Parents teach their kids the importance of goal-setting, creating a vision for their life and pursing their dreams.
  • Super Parents teach their kids that they create their own good luck in life.
  • Super Parents continuously expose their kids to different activities in order to help them uncover hidden talents and passions.

Super Parents are loving, caring mentors to their children. They provide a foundation for success that gives their kids a head start in life. Consequently, their kids enter the adult world with confidence and an optimistic mindset, both of which are critical to success.

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