You’ve Only Just Begun – Why Now is the Time to Pursue Your Dreams

There is never a perfect, ideal time to pursue your big goal, major purpose or life dream. In late 2008 I decided to write my book, Rich Habits. I had never written a book before. I knew nothing about the author business. Nothing. But that subconscious voice inside my head kept nudging me to write the book. In fact, one night it persistently woke me up every hour on the hour until my wife kicked me out of the bed. That did not stop the voices inside my head. In fact, they became more persistent. By the end of that night the entire outline of my book, title and all, was downloaded into my head from the great ether, the cloud, whatever you want to call it. That same day I began writing Rich Habits. I couldn’t have picked a worse time to pursue my new entrepreneurial venture; one that would become my main purpose in life. These were some of the issues I was facing in my life, at the time:

  • The economy was in absolute free-fall that September, 2008. I was concerned, like any other business owner at the time. Would I survive? Would any of us survive? There was a serious attitude out there that this was the beginning of another Great Depression; one that would devastate our country and the world. I knew many of my clients would be going out of business. I was very scared.
  • My kids were just beginning college. I have three. Our college savings (529 Plans) had just lost nearly 40% of their value overnight, at a time when I could not afford to lose any money. I was petrified.
  • I was in the  throes of studying for the Certified Financial Planner exam, which I was taking in November 2008; just two months away. It’s a ten hour exam. I had been studying for six months. I honestly had no business starting this new venture. I knew it would pull me away from my studying. I was afraid of failing that exam.
  • I was going through a major change in my financial planning practice at the time. One that I knew was going to set me back a few years, as I worked through the restructuring. I relied on that financial planning money to help with college costs. Now that revenue would be lost while I restructured. I was really, really frightened.

In hindsight, I consider 2008, the year I jumped on that entrepreneurial roller coaster, the most courageous year of my life. I stared fear, and all the doubts that accompany it, in its face and did not let it stop me. And I’m still standing. I finished my book in late 2009 and it was released in March 2010. It went on to become an Amazon #1 bestselling book. I lost a few clients. Those that did not go under, struggled to pay our fees. My business struggled, but we survived somehow. I was able to get my kids through college. I have one finishing up her senior year. Somehow, I was able to make just enough money and juggle finances in a way that made that possible. I passed that exam on the first try. My financial planning practice took three years to recover and get back to making money. My struggles are a distant memory now.

How many of you are waiting for the right time to pursue some major goal, purpose or life dream? Take it from me, there is no right time, except right now. No matter how bad the timing might be, start today. It will all work out. Life, I found, rewards the courageous.

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