Success Requires a Positive Mental Outlook

In my five-year study of the daily habits of the rich and poor I discovered one of the secrets to success: Positivity. Wealthy people have the Rich Habit of a Positive Mental Outlook (PMO). They are upbeat, optimistic, grateful and happy.

Below are some of the positivity statistics I uncovered in my study of the wealthy:

  • 82% were happy
  • 94% were happy doing what they did for a living
  • 92% were happy with their health
  • 87% were happily married
  • 98% believed in unlimited opportunity
  • 81% did not allow themselves to lose their temper
  • 87% believed they created their own good luck
  • 94% avoided negative gossiping
  • 79% believed they would be financially successful in life
  • 85% believed honesty was critical to success
  • 83% meditated every day
  • 54% believed their optimism was an important factor in their success
  • 78% believed those who pursued wealth were good, honest and hardworking individuals
  • 96% believed success has nothing to do with chance
  • 62% were devoted to some charitable cause
  • 97% believed wealthy people are not greedy

Below are some of the negativity statistics I uncovered in my study of the poor:

  • 98% were unhappy
  • 85% were unhappy doing what they did for a living
  • 53% were unhappy in their marriage
  • 51% did not believe in unlimited opportunity
  • 43% allowed themselves to lose their temper
  • 54% believed they were the victims of random bad luck
  • 79% engaged in negative gossip
  • 87% believed they would be poor in life
  • 77% believed lying was critical to success in life
  • 52% believed chance determines success
  • 78% believed optimism is not critical to success
  • 95% believed wealthy people were greedy, dishonest and not hardworking

Positivity is a mindset. The wealthy did not have a positive mental outlook because they were wealthy. They are wealthy because they had a positive mental outlook. They developed a PMO long before they realized any success in life. They made positivity a daily habit. Those who were poor developed their negative mindset long before they became poor. There’s an old saying: “If you don’t believe, you will never achieve”. You must believe you will succeed in life. You must embrace positivity. You must change your outlook from a negative mental outlook to a positive mental outlook. Those who sow negativity, reap negativity. Those who sow positivity reap positivity. What do you want to sow?

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